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Our Services

A. Refractory

With the experiences we gained in the past dealing with almost all of the major industries in the Philippines we have encountered and solved problems in terms of design - products selection - and installation. We have the most complete installation equipment in the Philippines and we collaborate with our Supplier on the latest technology and innovation in Refractory.

Our services and expertise covers Complete Refractory Solutions

  • Refractory Audit (evaluation and recommendation)
  • Engineering Services
  • Refractory Lining Design
  • Refractory Installation Project Management
  • Technical Supervision
  • Turn key installation for new installation
  • Maintenance of Existing Linings
  • Emergency Repair
  • Supply of skilled labor – Gunners, Bricklayers, Refractory Mason, etc.
  • Supply of Installation equipments - Casting, Gunning Bricklaying
  • Initial heat up recommendtion and supervision
  • Anchor design, supply and installation.

Our top priority is how we can assist and help our client increase productivity and to attain optimum lining service performance by recommending only the right materialsl available on the right application and to deliver all installation safely, within specification and schedule.

Refractory Monolithics (New and Maintenance)

  • Gunniting of all types of Refractory Castable - delivering material from ground up to maximum level of 150 meters (500 ft) – Application : Power Plant Smoke Stack and Furnace walls, Cement cyclones and Coolers, Petrochemicals, Oil Refinery.
  • Casting Works – our services includes but not limited to demolition of existing lining, anchor installation, carpentry works and casting works – we supply all equipments needed.
  • Casting and Gunning installation for modules – we do relining of equipment parts in workshop and ship to plant location.  
  • Installation of Ramming and Plastic Mouldable
  • Ceramic Fiber Installation
  Shaped Refractory

  • Bricklining works for all types of vessels – Acid Bricks, High Alumina, Basic and Fireclay Bricks – for Mineral Processing; Glass Tanks; Cement Cyclones, Preheater, and Coolers; Petrochemical; Steel Furnaces; 

We have gained enough experiences in Refractory Installation working with local and foreign Clients in various types of Furnaces for more than a decade delivering Safety, Quality and Speed consistently. 

  • Precasting Work -  We manufacture special shapes refractory lining for various applications. Our capabilities include fabrication of mould, casting of any forms and shapes, preheating and handling services,

B. Thermal Insulation


Thermal Insulation Business started in 1997 and the first major project completed was the Piping System of modularization project for BHP Australia thru AG&P covering a total area of approximately 4,800 sq m.  Recent project done was the complete insulation works for 50 MW Power Plant covering a total area of 12,000 sq m.

Services cover the following

  • Recommendation and Design of Insulation for Piping and Equipment
  • Repair of Existing Insulation and Cladding
  • Installation of new Insulation for Piping system and Equipment (i.e. Rockwool, Calcium Silicate and Perlite Insulation)
  • Supply of Skilled Labor and Equipments
  • Project Management
  • Technical Supervision

SPSI is committed to further develop the thermal insulation business. Recently we increase our investment by acquiring new equipments, such as motorized grooving and rolling machine; 8 ft bending machines and various portable tools.  We project that the demand for insulation works will increase for the coming years because of the plan to construct new Power Plants as plans to expand the Petrochemical Production.


C. Scaffolding


Our Scaffolding system was developed to complete our solutions for our Refractory Installation Services.  For a safe and more efficient project implementation.
Our services cover supply and erection of tubular scaffolding system as well as rental. All our system is in accordance with the acceptable standards in the industry.