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Some of the major projects completed since 1995…..



  • New Refractory Lining for National Power Corporation – Coal Fired Power Plant Smoke Stack – Calaca, Batangas

Height : 150 meters
Diameter : 6 meters

The smoke was relined by gunning application for 45 days with a total thickness of 70 mm castable.


  • Relining of KEPHILCO Power Plant Smoke Stack located in Pililla, Rizal.
Complete replacement of existing Refractory Castable lining. Installation of castable was done by Gunning Application.

Other similar projects that were completed by SPSI :

  • Relining of National Power Corporation Manila Thermal Plant Smoke Stack
  • KEPHILCO 1200 MW Natural Gas Power Plant – smoke stack located in Ilijan, Batangas.
  • AC Steel Smoke Reheat Furnace Smoke Stack – castable lining was also installed by Gunning application
  • Installation of new Refractory Castable Lining for Mobile Oil Singapore Flue Gas Ducts Steel Modules
Steel Modules were fabricated by other contractor and we installed the Castable at the Shop and then shipped to plant location.
This project was the first modularization project awarded. This gave the company opportunities to get bigger projects of the same nature.
  • Relining of Modules for Direct Reduced Iron Heater for BHP Australia thru AG & P.
This was the biggest modularization project the company had undertaken. The linings installed include Castable, Bricks, Ceramic Fiber Modules and Insulating Blocks.
The 4 units heaters were shipped to Australia after Relining.
  • Installation of new lining for Oil Heater modules for KTI Toyo Lunza – Pulau, Sakra, Singapore thru Metaphil.
Completed in 1998. Total volume installed was 140 cu m.
  • Petron Bataan Refinery Oil Heater Modules - Project Engineering and Design was Kinetics Technology Incorporated and steel modules were fabricated by B F Metal.
  • Relining of Aluminum Remelting Furnace for Reynolds Philippines
The refractory lining is composed of Bricks, Castable and Insulating Materials
  • Installation of new refractory castable lining for Four (4) units heater, reactor, economizer, Sulfur Recovery Unit and smoke stack for Petron Group B Expansion Project. Linings were bricks castable and insulating materials. Most of the refractory monolithic were installed by Gunning application.

  • Installation of refractory for Hyunen - TCCU Revamp & Mixed Xylene Unit Project for Petron Bataan Refinery.

  • Installation of refractory lining for Continental Operating Corporation line 2 Cement Preheater tower modification project in Norzagaray, Bulacan. 238 MT of various refractory lining were installed.

  • Bricklining Works for Rio Tuba Nickel Plant in Palawan. Thru Stebbins Australia.
  • Refractory works for 50 MW Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) - Power Plant of APEC located in Pampanga, Philippines.
Refractory castable lining with thickness ranging 25 mm to 50 mm were installed by casting.
The total weight of castable installed was approximately 230 MT.

This Power Plant Boiler Design was the first in the Philippines
  • Refractory works for 30 MW Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) Boiler - Power Plant of United Pulp and Paper Corporation located in Bulacan, Philippines. This is second CFB Boiler Power Plant in the Philippines.
  • Insulation works for BHP Direct Reduced Iron Pipe Modules Insulation System. Total area was 4,800 sq m.
The Pipe Modules was insulated at AG & P fabrication yard and was shipped to Australia after completion.
  • Insulation Works for Ducting Modules for Bobcock Hitachi Phlippines. Total area of 2,500 sq m.
Ductings were insulated with Rockwool Blanket Insulation with wire mesh reinforcement.

This project was the second major projects the company had undertaken.
  • Insulation works for 600 MW Sual Power Plant Piping system - total area of 2,365 sq m.

  • Insulation works for GOODFOUND Cement Hot Air Ducts.

  • Complete Installation of 50 MW CFB Boiler Power Plant insulation system for Smokestack, Equipment and Piping System. Total area is approximately 12,000 sq m.
The main area insulated was the Boiler outside walls and the Electrostatic Precipitator. The project was completed in 6 months.

A. Cement Plant

  • Maintenance work for Refractory Monolithics lining to the majority of Major Cement Producers in the Philippines. The works involve Lining Assessment; demolition of damaged castable; design supply and installation of anchors; Installation of castable by Gunning and Casting.

1. Lafarge Cement Services (Philippines), Inc.

  • Fortune Cement
  • FR Cement
  • Iligan Cement
  • Republic Cement
  • Continental

2. Holcim Philippines, Inc

  • Bulacan Plant
  • Davao Plant

3. Cemex Philippines Solid

  • Apo Cement (Supply only)
  • Solid Cement

4. Taiheyo Cement Philippines, Inc. ( Supply only)

5. Pacific Cement Corporation (Supply only)

  B. Other Industries  
  • Maintenance work - Rio Tuba Nickel Plant Flash Vessels Brick Lining.

  • Repair of Insulating Lining for Mariwasa Ceramic Tunnel Kiln. Maintenance work of Spray Dryer Furnace Refractory Lining.

  • Spray Dryer Furnace Refractory Lining of Lepanto Ceramics.

  • Maintenance of Combustion Chamber of Soiltech Agricultural Products Corp., fertilizer manufacturer.